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JustSwap: Everything You Need to Know About this New Decentralized Trading Protocol

If you’re someone that’s remotely interested in cryptocurrency and or DeFi (Decentralized Finance), then the decentralized exchange named Uniswap shouldn’t sound too unfamiliar to you. Thanks to the success of DeFi as a platform, many protocols for it appears on the market, one of them being the one that we’ll be talking about, JustSwap.

What is JustSwap

Different from the uniswaps in Ethereum blockchain, JustSwap is a desentralized exchange in TRON protocol for TRC20 token exchange.

Not only that, the conversion that’s done is easy to do among any 2 TRC20 tokens depending on the system price with the cost of said trades coming in to the liquidity protocol, and not the protocol itself.

JustSwap Features

As of right now, there’s 4 main features of JustSwap that it offers to its users:

1. Swap

This feature is used to swap between TRX token or TRC 20 token. Every exchange is done by changing the number of tokens with one another. But before we’re able to use this feature, we must possess a TronLink Wallet first.

2. Scan

This scan feature is used to see the pairing that is available in this protocol. Not only limited to just that, you can also see the transactions history that is in the protocol.


TRX is an original asset from TRON. Meanwhile, WTRX is a TRC20 token. In this feature, the WTRX tokens will be exchanged with the same rates as TRX.

In using this feature, user must deposit their TRX coin to print the equal amount of WTRX. Same goes for exchanging WTRX into TRX.


WBTT works almost the same way as WTRX above where user can exchange TRC20 token in Just Swap.

BTT itself is a TRC10 token that uses blockchain as a foundation. This token supports various features from protocols and the most popular decentralized application in the world. Some of the DApps that’s supported by BTT includes: BTSpeed, BTFS, and DLive.

The Advantages of JustSwap

There are 5 main advantages of JustSwap that you can get by using it as your platform:

  1. This platform makes it possible for traders to directly exchange tokens among TRC20 and others.
  2. Infinite liquidity. The main issue in Centralized Exchange or Decentralized Exchange is almost always limited liquidity. But in JustSwap, liquidity is not an issue seeing that it offers unlimited amount of it for any traders and projects that exists in its protocol.
  3. JustSwap makes it possible for user to do instantaneous exchange without the need of crosschecking the orders made.
  4. JustSwap offers financial market that is both fair and open to anyone using it.
  5. High profitability. Anyone using JustSwap can get processing fee without a single commission needed.

To summarize, JustSwap is similar to any other DEX out there in DeFi, but still differentiates itself thanks to it using the TRON network as well as TRX and TRC20 tokens. Thanks to it existing in TRON network, user do not need to worry about the high fee that’s present in Ethereum.

That is all from us, we hope you find this article about JustSwap insightful, and we hope to see you again.

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