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5 Most Influential Individuals to the Cryptocurrency World

In cryptocurrency that’s still considered new in this day and age, there are people that we should be thankful to because of their contribution to this niche and exciting world. You can even call them the most influential individuals to cryptocurrency thanks to their achievement.

They are a bunch of professionals with different and varied backgrounds, but what they do have in common is their imagination and out-of-the-box thinking method, all used for the betterment of cryptocurrency in the world.

5 most influential individuals to the cryptocurrency world

So, without further ado, let’s see the 5 most influential individuals to the cryptocurrency world as it exists right now

1. Satoshi Nakamoto – Creator of Bitcoin

The first spot will of course be the creator himself, Satoshi Nakamoto. Although not much is known about their personal life and identity, his contribution is definitely one of if not the highest there is in cryptocurrency. Thanks to his Bitcoin, digital currency changes and evolves in a way that won’t be possible without it.

2. Vitalik Buterin – Founder of Ethereum

Being the second biggest cryptocurrency asset with largest market capitalization in the world, Ethereum of course attracts crypto enthusiast from all over the world. And it’s all thanks to its founder, Vitalik Buterin, a 30-year old man from Canada.

Part of his success is indirectly starting ICO market, as well as making an open-source that is Ethereum. This makes the development of Ethereum fast and accessible to everyone thanks to its open-source nature.

3. Pavel Durov – Founder of VK and Telegram

Pavel Durov is an entrepreneur from Russia that’s renowned for his development of the social media platform VK and the widely popular messaging service, Telegram. Up until 2018, his name is not associated in any way with cryptocurrency or Bitcoin, but Telegram lately announced the development of Telegram Open Network, a safe, secure, and anonymous Blockchain platform.

4. Brian Armstrong – Creator of Coinbase

Next in our most influential individual in cryptocurrency is Brian Armstrong himself, the CEO and founder of Coinbase, a digital currency exchange service headquartered in Los Angeles, California.

As of today, Coinbase is one of the most popular platforms to exchange fiat money into cryptocurrency. User can buy Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ether, and Litecoin with their regular bank card. In fact, during the peak of cryptocurrency in August 2017, Coinbase’ mobile application becomes the highest downloaded application in the US.

5. Charlie Lee – Creator of Litecoin

Last but not least in our 5 most influential individuals to cryptocurrency is Charlie Lee, a computer programmer and scientist originating from Japan. He’s a very influential man, and is an icon for cryptocurrency industry thanks for him creating the third cryptocurrency to ever exist in the world: Litecoin.

The main purpose of him creating Litecoin is digital payment through the Internet. Not only that, blockchain developers in Litecoin can also create their own application.

And that is all for our list of 5 most influential individuals to cryptocurrency. Thanks to these heroes, cryptocurrency right now has grown so much in the past couple of years, and will grow even more as the currency itself becomes more and more accessible.

Thank you for reading this article, we hope you find what was written insightful. See you soon!

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