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These 4 People Becomes Millionaires Thanks to Bitcoin, Interested in Trying it Out Yourself?

Believe it or not. That’s the first question that anyone thinking on investing in Bitcoin asked. Yes, investing in Bitcoin can become profitable if you understand how it works, as well as taking advantage of the volatile nature of Bitcoin. It’s not a surprise to see people that earns a fortune thanks to investing in Bitcoin. And today, we have 4 people that becomes millionaires thanks to Bitcoin.

The reason for us of making this article is to encourage amateurs and newbies to start investing in Bitcoin, and to let them know that there’s nothing to be afraid of as long as you’re careful.

So, without anymore preambles, let’s start with our number one.

1. Daniel Colosi

Daniel Colosi was once a construction worker, that soon after starts investing in Bitcoin with his friend. According to Business Insider, Daniel starts investing in Bitcoin $5000 at first, but soon after Bitcoin prices fluctuates, resulting in him profiting $200,000 overnight from Bitcoin. Daniel then uses a part of his money from Bitcoin to travel the world.

2. Erik Fineman

Erik Fineman may possibly be the youngest bitcoin investor out there. Back in 2011 when he was just 11 years old, he invested in Bitcoin. It wasn’t that much either, he uses the $1,000 that his grandparents gave him to buy Bitcoin that at that time was only worth $12 each.

Fast forward 2 years later in 2013, Bitcoin’s worth becomes $1,200 for 1 Bitcoin, making him reaps 100 times more profit than what he was invested 2 years before. Thanks to his massive profit from Bitcoin, Erik decided to drop out of his education and then focuses on investing in Bitcoin, seeing it as the future for currency down the line.

3. Eddy Zilian

Back when he was 18-years old, Zilian decides to invest all of his savings that he earned from being a tennis teacher in Bitcoin. While it might seem like a risky and quite honestly idiotic move, Zilian’s investment paid off only 3 years later. He reaps profit of almost 1 million US dollar.

Providing him the money and resources necessary for him to start his own business of Bitcoin consultation service for anyone interested.

4. Jared Kenna

Jared Kenna is one of the few early investors in Bitcoin as a way of investment. He starts investing when it was only worth $0,20 apiece. A very small amount indeed. But Jared went all the way. Same with the people above, the money he invested paid off in an obscene amount of money. His profit reaches 30 million dollars, which again, is an absurd amount of money.

Later Jared decided to create his own company called Tradehill, a company focused on Bitcoin dark mining pool, and as such bringing him even more profit than what was thought possible.

And that’s all for our stories of 4 people that becomes millionaires thanks to Bitcoin. Yes, it’s a flimsy market, it’s volatile in nature. But it’s certainly not one of the worst ways to invest your money. It just takes a stroke of luck to turn you into an overnight millionaire, so what’s the wait? Let’s start investing in Bitcoin right now.   

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