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best cryptocurrency exchange 2021

4 Top Cryptocurrency Exchanges 2021

It said that the cryptocurrency exchange is half of the success you need in trading. Therefore, many traders choose the platform where they can buy and sell cryptocurrency carefully before you start. For you who also want to try cryptocurrency trading, here we have four options of the best cryptocurrency exchange 2021. They offer many benefits that will give you advantages in your trading.

Coinbase and Coinbase Pro

Coinbase is one of the most popular cryptocurrency exchanges. It was founded in 2012 and has been providing the service with so many features. One of the best things you can get here is various types of Altcoin you can trade. Moreover, with its simpler user interface than other exchanges, it is also a perfect choice for a beginner. Plus, with the $0.99-$2.99 fee for the transaction, it won’t give your budget any problem.

Cash App

Cash App is a good option for you who want to trade the best cryptocurrency to invest in. For example, you can transfer your money easily from this platform to others. Moreover, you also can trade and withdraw Bitcoin for your transaction using this platform system. And, with a simple user interface, you won’t have any problem using and mastering it. The only flaw is you can only trade Bitcoin here.  


Binance is your best destination if you don’t have plenty of budgets to spend. Its fee is much lower than other exchanges. The taker side fee is only 0.1%. It is also the same with the maker side. Thanks to this feature, the trade volume has been scaled down to 0.02% for every trade. Moreover, you also can use BNB, the native cryptocurrency of Binance that lowers the transaction fee by 25%. As you can see, you can save your money for trading here.


Then, we have Bisq. This place is the best decentralized trading platform for cryptocurrency. It doesn’t use the KYC system. Moreover, it also provides 30 different payment options which give you more freedom in trading. You also can use its app to trade, which is available for Android and iOS devices.


Now, you know half part of your success in cryptocurrency trading. Choose any platform we explained above and you will get the best cryptocurrency exchange 2021. Then, you just have to apply your strategy and creativity to get the best result and profit from those cryptocurrency exchanges. 

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