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What is the Best Crypto to Mine?

Understanding the term of mining and the best crypto to mine will help you to get all benefits and minimize the risks at the same time. More than anything, people are thrilled about mining Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

If you are new to the cryptocurrency universe, there are lots of things that may overwhelm you. In this article, we are going to break down things to know about mining, along with several ways to get free crypto coins.

What is cryptocurrency mining?

When you heard the word mining, you may imagine a group of people working inside a cave to gather some coils. When it comes to cryptocurrency mining, the technical stuff might be similar to coil mining minus the people, the cave, and the coil.

Computers are the ones in charge of mining the coinbase earn crypto. Other than that, you need to invest in internet connections and special software solutions. You can buy the right network at the GitHub repository of the currency you chose. 

Types of cryptocurrency mining

SOLO Mining

Solo mining is where you mine as an individual. All rewards will go to you, but you are a solo fighter. You may need to invest up to over USD 103K per month, depending on the cryptocurrency you want to mine even though you prefer using a crypto miner android.

POOL Mining

Pool mining is the contrary of solo mining. This is not the easiest cryptocurrency to mine, but you can join other miners to work together. Of course, the profit is split to all of the miners, considering you don’t need to invest in the equipment too much.

CLOUD Mining

Cloud mining, on the other hand, is another way to mine. You don’t need any crypto wallet opera. You don’t even need to buy equipment, but there are things you better know about this mining method.

What about cloud mining?

There are several ways you can mine cryptocurrency. While the traditional way costs you a fortune and a bunch of effort, crypto cloud mining can be a tempting alternative. However, the history of cloud mining scams is quite long. It is crucial to find a reputable resource before starting cloud mining.

Scams and cloud mining

More than anything, not all cloud mining companies are scams – but most of them are. If all you need is to own bitcoins faster, you can buy one with your debit card instead. It costs a lot, but much safer in many ways.

What to look for when choosing cryptocurrency mining

It is crucial to pick the best coin to mine. Since there are several cryptocurrencies on the market, you might want to mine the ones that profit you at most. Whether you are mining for hobbies or to make money, acknowledging these things will help you to pick the best one.

Short-term profits

If all you need is short-term profits, you just need to keep in touch with the changing mining circumstances. Things that don’t seem to profit today could be something huge tomorrow. Thus, you better keep up with the trend.

Long-term profits

Another thing to decide which coin to buy is based on long-term consideration. Some traders would purchase something that costs low today and is positive that the price will skyrocket next year. Mining for long-term profits requires you to be more determined and disciplined.

5 Fastest-Growing Cryptocurrencies

#1 Bitcoin

Talking about the best crypto to mine, Bitcoin is the first name that comes to the list. Bitcoin is the first cryptocurrency that comes to this universe, and today the price skyrockets like never before. Considering mining Bitcoin is a good idea. If you think the competition is too rigid, you can consider other coins below.

#2 Ethereum

Ethereum is considered the fastest growing cryptocurrency. The purpose of this coin is to provide access for anyone towards currency accepted by all countries around the world. Ethereum offers what Bitcoin can give but with tons of other benefits. If you are looking for mining cryptocurrency 2021, Ethereum is one you should consider from the list.

#3 Cardano

Are you a visioner? Cardano is a crypto coin that rivals Ethereum. The establishment of this crypto coin has gone through lots of research and peer-reviewed. If you are looking for a crypto coin that may skyrocket years to come, you should consider Cardano.

#4 Chainlink

The next big crypto coin is Chainlink. Chainlink attempts to expand the smart contract capability. Thus, traders can use the coin to make transactions easily.

#5 Polkadot

Polkadot is another cryptocurrency you must consider. The value grows rapidly in the past few years and has become a potential competition to Ethereum.

Polkadot is created by an Ethereum co-founder, which makes sense. Polkadot offers what Ethereum does, but with a lot more capabilities.


More than anything, crypto mining is quite tempting. You don’t need to buy the coin in the first place, but you have a high chance to get them for free. However, mining is not the fastest way to get Bitcoin or any cryptocurrency.

Mining cryptocurrency doesn’t mean producing new coins but releasing them from the coin supply. Mining doesn’t require technical skill in the first place – all you need is a strong computer with sufficient hash power.

Nowadays, Ethereum and Polkadot are two of the crypto coins that compete well on the market. If Bitcoin is too competitive to mine, you should try those two. Other than that, you can take Cardano and Chainlink into consideration as well.

It takes research and concern before choosing the right crypto to mine. Being updated about the up and coming cryptocurrency 2021 is crucial, but other factors are worth considering too. Other than technical indicators, be sure to check the nonspecific aspects. Those aspects are, such as power consumption, network hash rate, block time, and mining reward.

You can try mining for free before jumping into the real crypto mining world. And this is anything you need to know about the best crypto to mine.

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