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The Easiest Cryptocurrency to Mine for Beginner Miner

Cryptocurrency mining could be a tasking and exhausting process for you. You have to keep attention to its value. Then, you also need to use the proper equipment and software to mine them. It gets worst if you choose the cryptocurrency type that is hard to mine. For that reason, we want to ease your burden. Here, we have several choices of the easiest cryptocurrency to mine.


People tend to think that the easy to mine cryptocurrencies are those that are not popular. That’s wrong. Ethereum, one of the big cryptocurrencies, is also in the category of the easiest cryptocurrency you can choose to mine. It doesn’t have a complicated algorithm like Bitcoin. It uses a lighter algorithm that facilitates the miner to optimize their mining activity. You also can use AMD or NVidia graphic cards to mine it. In short, it is a versatile cryptocurrency for any system.


Monero raises its popularity these days. Started as an altcoin, this cryptocurrency now can be called one of the mainstream cryptocurrencies. Best of all, it also becomes one of the easiest cryptocurrencies to mine today. The main reason here is you don’t need a high-spec device to mine it. Download the Monero software and you can start mining. You can save more budgets with Monero. So, it is not wrong, if we also call it the best crypto to mine.


Aeon is a good choice if you don’t want to spend too much time or deal with complicated stuff. This cryptocurrency uses a concept that allows you to use fewer resources to mine it. It uses the specialized design of PoW, which gives you a better hash rate than other cryptocurrencies. Even though it is a new cryptocurrency, this unique design makes it popular as the first choice for many beginner-level miners.


Vertcoin is the best choice for small-scale miners. It has a lightweight design and environment. Therefore, you can use your PC to mine it without a problem. No need for a high-spec PC to do that. The standard quality computer is enough to give you a good amount of mining rate. However, it is only for small-scale mining. If you plan to upscale your mining capacity, you need to find other cryptocurrencies.

And, those are our recommendations for the easiest cryptocurrency to mine. Try them all and find which cryptocurrency matches your mining style and resource.

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