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Beginner Guide for Using Coinbase to Earn Cryptocurrency

Are you interested in cryptocurrency trading or mining? If so, you can start it by buying your first cryptocurrency. There are many options out there. However, before you choose any cryptocurrency you want to buy, the first thing you have to do is finding a place to trade it. For that reason, Coinbase is here for you. Here, we have information about Using Coinbase to Earn Cryptocurrency and how to use it.

What is Coinbase?

Coinbase is a cryptocurrency exchange platform that provides one of the easiest trading processes. It has a user-friendly interface, which is a perfect choice for a beginner like you. Moreover, it is also known for its security feature. Many traders and miners of cryptocurrency love Coinbase because of its safety. Interestingly, many of them also start their journey in the crypto world from Coinbase. It means this platform is indeed easy to use for the inexperienced trader.

How To Use Coinbase To Earn Cryptocurrency?

Now, to find the best crypto to mine and start earning, here are simple steps that you can try. 

– Visit the Coinbase website and make an account. Or, if you already have an account, sign in to start the process.

– You will be brought to the next page. Find the “Earn Rewards” menu on the top area of the interface. Click it, and now the process to earn cryptocurrency is starting.

From this point, you can wait until you get the cryptocurrency that you aim for. You also can use this method on the PC or using the Coinbase app. However, the trader also knows how to get freebies from this platform. It means you can get cryptocurrency for free without trading or exchange that costs you the transaction fee. 

To get free cryptocurrency from Coinbase, you just need to refer this method to your friends. Every time they claim the reward, you will get cryptocurrency. The value is varying. But, mostly, you can get $10 for each claim.

Bottom Lines

Coinbase is the best place, not only for earning free cryptocurrency but also for building your portfolio. Therefore, many experts recommend this place as the first destination, if you want to start cryptocurrency trading. 

However, you also have to remember that to be a successful trader; you can’t only depend on this platform. Learn more about cryptocurrency and develop a trading strategy. Guaranteed, you will get more than you ever imagined from your coinbase earn crypto activity.

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