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Guide for Using Crypto Wallet on Opera Browser

Do you use the Opera browser on your device? It is indeed one of the best browsers you can find today. However, there is good news for you. Now, you also can use it to exchange cryptocurrency. Opera has been upgraded with a new feature called crypto wallet opera. As you can see, it is a wallet for keeping your cryptocurrency as well as using it for transactions in the Blockchain environment. So, here is the question. How can we use it?

How to Use Crypto Wallet Feature on Opera Browser

First of all, you must have Opera browser installed on your device. Find it on Google PlayStore or AppStore, then download and install it. Once you do that, you already have the crypto wallet on your device. Now, you just have to activate it. 

To activate the crypto wallet, open the Opera browser. Then, click the “Settings” option and find the “Crypto Wallet” option on the Setting menu. Tap it to open its settings page. Once you open the crypto wallet on Opera, you just need to choose “Open Wallet” or “Restore”. Create the password to secure it, and you are ready to use it to trade, make the transaction, or find the best crypto to mine.

What Can You Do With an Opera Crypto Wallet?

As we mentioned before, you can use it for a transaction or find information about cryptocurrency. Once you activate the wallet, it will detect any ERC20 token that is available or you might have. Then, you also can use it to access the Ethereum network to find the decentralized app that you can use. It also allows you to make a transaction on the merchant that accepts cryptocurrency payment. 

Best of all, you don’t need to install or download any extension to use the wallet. This wallet is a built-in wallet that you can find in the Opera browser. So, after you install the browser on your mobile device or PC, you can use it without any problem. It also is less complicated than other wallets.

Bottom Line

Opera has made a breakthrough by creating this crypto wallet. It could become an important part that has a significant role in the Blockchain environment integration process with our current system. Moreover, you also can learn about cryptocurrency and decentralization systems through crypto wallet opera usage. So, it is such a waste if you don’t have this wallet on your device. 

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