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which cryptocurrency to buy

Which Cryptocurrency to Buy If You Are a Beginner

Cryptocurrency is more and more popular today. People use cryptocurrency because it supports their digital activities, such as shopping in e-commerce and business payment.

PayPal even announces that they are supporting the use of cryptocurrency. Learn about the development of cryptocurrency, including which cryptocurrency to buy and the way to buy crypto with PayPal.

The Reason to Use Cryptocurrency

We are in the digital era and need to find a simpler alternative to cash. Cryptocurrency is the answer. Nowadays, people buy and sell cryptocurrency not only for transactions but also for investment. So, why cryptocurrency reaches its popularity with its fantastic value?

Easier and Faster Transaction

The cryptocurrency boosts transaction speed. You can pay for anything directly from your e-wallet with the cryptocurrency or digital coins you have. The transaction is not only easy and fast but also transparent. You will get complete transaction data that you can audit anytime you want. The most important thing is that it is also safe to use.   

Keep Your Transactions Confidential

Cryptocurrency ecosystem keeps your transactions confidential. No one knows it except you and the person who accepts your cryptocurrency. Even the bank will not know your transaction history. Cryptocurrency users can share the transaction history only with the people who need it. It means that this system keeps your privacy and identity safe.

Best Cryptocurrency to Buy

You will see a lot of cryptocurrencies out there. Indeed, you need to know which cryptocurrency to buy to fill your needs and before learning how to buy cryptocurrency.


Bitcoin is one of the best cryptocurrencies you can buy. This digital money is suitable for those who love to buy something online. It was the first cryptocurrency when launched in 2009 by Satoshi Nakamoto. You can easily get this digital money because most cryptocurrency holders use bitcoin for their digital transactions. The price is also fantastic today. You have to spend up to $20.000 to get a Bitcoin or BTC.


Ethereum or ETH started to rise in 2015. It is the second most popular cryptocurrency after Bitcoin. One of the reasons why this digital money popular is the term smart contract. The smart contract keeps your digital transactions safe, along with a complete report.


Ripple or XRP is for cryptocurrency holders who want to find alternatives other than Bitcoin and Ethereum. It is a product by Ripple Labs. Nowadays, cryptocurrency holders around the world use Ripple as one of their digital coins. The partnership with leading money transfer services makes people even love to use Ripple. The Ripple crypto price may not as high as other cryptocurrencies, but it shows that cryptocurrency is applicable in the real world.

The Way to Buy Cryptocurrency

Nowadays, buying cryptocurrency, such as Bitcoin is easier. You can buy crypto with credit card, PayPal, and even buy crypto with debit card.  

Buy Cryptocurrency with Credit Card

Credit card and cryptocurrency users are happy because they can buy bitcoins with credit card instantly no verification. One of the simple ways is by using a trusted bitcoin broker. You may have to spend extra money for the fee but you will get your bitcoin immediately.

Each bitcoin brokers offer different packages. They often provide you up to $5000 bitcoin per day or $20.000 bitcoins per month. Another way to buy cryptocurrency with a credit card is by joining a certain cryptocurrency platform. You will meet other users who want to sell their crypto. Most of them don’t need your ID only to buy the crypto.

Buy Cryptocurrency with Debit Card

Buying cryptocurrency with a debit card is similar to buying it with a credit card. You must find the right broker that can cover your need. Some brokers are online so you must create an account on the official website first.

They will give you the payment method options. Choose the debit card option if you want to pay the crypto with your debit card. Complete the instructions and determine how many coins you want to buy. That’s it! Wait until the broker transfers the coins to your e-wallet.

Buy Cryptocurrency with PayPal

Make sure that you have a PayPal account. Sign in to your account and click on Your Crypto option and the buy and sell option. You will see the Bitcoin option. Click on it and then click buy. Don’t forget to select your payment method before clicking the next button. Check the conversion rate and transaction fee.

When everything is right and you are ready, click the buy now button to purchase the crypto. Then, check the crypto in your PayPal digital wallet.

The Best Place to Buy Cryptocurrency

Now, you need to know the best place to buy crypto. You can purchase crypto in the crypto exchange markets. Check the list below for the white label crypto exchange.


It is one of the most popular crypto exchange markets. People love to use this platform because they can still buy crypto with fiat money. This exchange supports you with a variety of cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoins. You can also buy up to 30 other cryptocurrencies from this platform. This platform often offers interesting deals, such as a $5 bonus for first-time users.       


Gemini is another popular crypto exchange. The strength of this platform is its security and transparency system. It means that this platform cares about the safety of its members while buying or selling cryptocurrencies. New members will also get special deals.


This exchange offers a variety of cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Zcash, and many more. You can also deposit right away by using bank transfer, SEPA, NETELLER, and PayPal.

One of the differences between this platform and others is the copy trading feature. You may not deposit with cryptocurrency, so use the payment methods they accept to get your cryptocurrency right away.

Now, you the reason why cryptocurrency is so popular today. You even get the recommended crypto exchange list if you want to get your coins right away. Make sure that you know about trading bitcoins for beginners such as the best exchange to use, which cryptocurrency to buy, and many more. The more information you get, the easier and safer the cryptocurrency to use. 

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